How can you prepare for an IELTS Test?

If you are looking to study, work or migrate abroad to an English speaking country, then passing an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Test will be essential. However, preparing for the IELTS Test poses a significant problem for those who do not speak English as their native language .

To help with your IELTS Test preparation, shown below is a guide as to what you must do when getting ready for the test. In order to achieve success, you must take the test preparation process very seriously. You will need confidence when demonstrating the fluency of all your English language skills, and to clearly express your critical thinking within both the written and oral formats of the test.

In this article there are five steps given to ensure your successful preparation for an IELTS Test, and achievement of a high test score that will allow you to pursue future overseas study and work opportunities.

1. Improve your English

It takes significant time and practice to learn any new language, especially if the language is one you have never spoken before. But if you are a resident of Johor or Singapore, one of the best ways to learn English faster is to enroll in an English class for adults and students in Johor Bahru.

Private English Tuition given by a very experienced and fully trained British teacher will not only help you to immediately improve your English, but it also dramatically reduces the time taken for you to learn the language. The learning feedback received from your 1-to-1 IELTS Tutor ensures rapid improvement in all of the essential language skills needed when you are reading, writing, speaking and listening to English.

However, enrolling in an English Tuition class does not mean that your independent daily practice of English is unimportant. You must use English each day by taking every possible opportunity to read, write, speak and listen to English. Such regular practice is one of the essential ways you continually improve both your overall English skills and the score to be achieved in an IELTS Test.


2. Understand the IELTS Test format and rules

Your complete familiarization with the IELTS Test format is essential before taking the test. You must study and fully understand the different text and question formats, along with the specific marking criteria and general rules for completing both the IELTS Academic Test and IELTS General Training Test. By doing this, you will discover that the listening and speaking components remain the same for both tests, but the reading and writing components are different.

You can become more familiar with the IELTS Academic Test and IELTS General Training Test by:

  • Obtaining sample IELTS Tests in order to review the important test information and specific instructions given as to how all candidates must respond to and complete each question, along with essential test practice through answering the questions as well;
  • Identifying the assessment criteria for the IELTS Speaking Test and IELTS Writing Test in order to better understand exactly how the examiner will award any marks;
  • Understanding how each level of the IELTS Band Score Table operates;
  • Carefully reading the ‘IELTS Notice to Candidates’;
  • Researching factual information about each IELTS Test, rather than acting upon publicly shared myths and rumors.


preparing for IELTS Test

3. Practise sample questions

There are authentic sample IELTS Tests available on the Internet. You can use such online tests to begin improving your IELTS Test score, along with also purchasing IELTS Test materials from reputable publishers.

But if you want guaranteed success of a high test score, consider having some private English Tuition from an IELTS tutor who can provide you with a comprehensive IELTS Test preparation course. Such an IELTS Test preparation course offers you many benefits, including:

  • Greater self-confidence and success when applying all test-taking skills;
  • Effective lesson planning and use of learning assessments by a tutor to identify and improve all areas of weakness in your English skills;
  • Immediate and detailed assessment feedback for each completed answer of a test question.


4. Final IELTS Test preparation

Immediately before the day of your IELTS Test, refresh your memory with the rules and format of the test, along with checking the exact location of your IELTS Test venue. This will enable you to feel more confident and positive about tackling the test. You should:

  • Reread any information given in the candidate’s IELTS Test Booklet which contains all of the information needed to help you achieve your best score in the test;
  • Review the ‘IELTS Notice to Candidates’, ensuring that you fully understand and follow each of the test rules;
  • Make sure you know the exact location of your IELTS Test venue, and clearly plan how to travel there so that you will arrive punctually for the test.


revising for IELTS Test

5. Get yourself an IELTS tutor

The most important overall way to improve all of your essential English language skills ready for tackling an IELTS Test is to find a British trained and fully experienced English teacher who is also an IELTS tutor. Such a teacher is guaranteed to provide you with effective English lessons that ensure constant active learning, ongoing accurate assessment and positive learning feedback as you apply your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

The clear steps explored above offer a guide as to the best ways you can begin to prepare for an IELTS Test. For even more information about the IELTS Test and guidance for your test preparation, get in touch now with an excellent English teacher and IELTS tutor in Johor Bahru.