English Home Tuition In Johor

About Us

‘English for Everyone’ was founded by Mr. Jeff Weight, a fully trained teacher from the United Kingdom with 30 years of teaching experience across all ages of children and adults. 

Focusing on four essential language skills — Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing — he offers individual English lessons with 1 to 1 student-teacher interactive learning to guarantee success.

Why 'English for Everyone'?

Every lesson is individually planned to actively engage your personal strengths and interests, whilst also helping to overcome any learning difficulties.

Specific learning needs and motivational interests identified to ensure success when tackling difficult academic tasks.

High quality teaching of English is guaranteed using internationally published language resources within a safe, dynamic and supportive learning environment.

The lessons are challenging and fun, building stronger self-confidence alongside the very best development of all your English skills for social, academic and business use.

Active participation in each lesson will bring you independence as a life-long learner who uses English to understand and communicate across every aspect of daily life.

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