English Tuition in Johor Bahru Taught By British Teacher Guarantees Learning Success!

If you are looking for [ English Tuition in Johor Bahru ] ‘Accelerated Active Acquisition of English’ Teaching Method developed by Mr. Jeff Weight will guarantee it in just 6 exciting interactive lessons, with Mr. Jeff as your private one-to-one tutor at ‘English for Everyone’.

Instead of an endless struggle through grossly ineffective group classes and conventional rote learning (which is dull, repetitive, and tedious) that crushes your concentration and overall motivation to learn …

… you can finally gain instant confidence and pride under Mr. Jeff’s unique coaching – as you clearly and correctly communicate using English in any social, academic, or business situation.

Discover more now about how you can become a successful speaker and possess a great command of English as the international language of academia and business.

Mr Jeffery Weight

Mr. Jeff Weight – Bachelor of Education
(Honours) 1988, CELTA 2012

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Mr. Jeff Weight is a highly-trained British teacher who has taught English for more than 30 years. His career has taken him to countries all around the world, teaching in England, the United States of America, Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam and Singapore.

In Singapore, Mr. Jeff was given a rewarding opportunity to again teach students with learning difficulties and Special Educational Needs, eventually leading him to become a teacher with the British Council where he taught English to local Singaporean students and adults.

Impressed by the eagerness of Asian students when pursuing success in their studies, along with the exciting travel opportunities to explore Asia and her culture, Mr. Jeff decided to settle in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, where he now runs his private 1-to-1 tuition service aptly named ‘English for Everyone”.

Mr. Jeff graduated from the University of Leicester in England with a Bachelor of Education (Honours) Degree. He later received a CELTA certification from the International House World Organisation, enabling Mr. Jeff to offer even more effective teaching of English to the speakers of other languages.

The ‘Accelerated Active Acquisition of English’ Teaching Method developed by Mr. Jeff guarantees you will more confidently speak, write and better understand English in as few as 6 exciting interactive lessons. The lessons comprise:

  • One-to-one private English Tuition with a comprehensive syllabus covering the four essential language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing;
  • Individually planned English lessons to maximise student engagement
  • Challenging and enjoyable lessons, designed to fully activate each student’s learning whilst developing self-confidence in using English for social, academic and business purposes;
  • Dynamic English Tuition drawing upon each student’s strengths, interests and Visual-Auditory-Kinaesthetic (VAK) preferences, keeping the student actively engaged in each lesson and helping to overcome any learning difficulties;
  • Lesson plans drawing upon excellent and proven English resources, using official educational materials designed and published in the United Kingdom;
  • Ideal GCSE English Exam preparation for Singaporean students or SPM English for Malaysians.

‘English for Everyone’ also provides active learning opportunities for every student to access and use appropriate online learning materials during each lesson and to reinforce home learning.

Why Should I Study English?

Without a doubt, English is an essential international language with millions of people studying it both as a second language or their native tongue, thereby being spoken and understood by around 1.5 billion people worldwide.

Whilst some want to learn the language out of interest, for many more the language of English is a gateway to greater personal fulfilment, happiness and success. Even today, English is still the most significant language used in the worlds of education, scientific research, business and commerce.

Here are some advantages that speaking and writing good English will offer you:

  • A better and wider range of educational and training opportunities;
  • Greater chances of securing high-paid jobs with hugely successful multinational companies;
  • Access to the world’s largest repository of scientific information;
  • An essential opportunity to be part of the global community. Join in the discussion on online forums, participate in interest groups and make friends with people from all over the world.

If attaining fluency in English is your dream, then the best proven way of doing this is to study with a native-speaking English Tutor.

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“To Have a Second Language is to Have a Second Soul” – Charlemagne

Why Study at ‘English for Everyone’?

Seeking out a perfect personal tutor is the most important action you must take to ensure your future success when learning English.

And at ‘English for Everyone’, you are guaranteed that Mr. Jeff, with his 30 years of excellent teaching experience and proprietary coaching method, is an English Tutor who has all of the essential professional qualities outlined below:

1. Why Study at ‘English for Everyone’?

A competent speaker of any language may not necessarily be an effective teacher, so it is essential to find a tutor who is qualified to teach – and Mr. Jeff is highly qualified and experienced as a very successful British trained teacher.

This is especially important if you are preparing to get excellent results in life-defining examinations. Consequently, your vital understanding of the challenging nuances of English grammar will be crucial, and such complex language syntax can only be taught to you by a native speaker of the language.

2. Effective Teaching Methods (including one-to-one lessons)

When it comes to helping every student to learn, your teacher must not be limited by traditional teaching methods that focus solely on grammar and rote learning.

Instead, Mr. Jeff personalises lessons to help the student overcome a specific learning difficulty by taking advantage of that student’s optimal sensory learning style, with their preferred Visual-Auditory-Kinaesthetic (VAK) learning style being drawn from the three main sensory receivers to uniquely stimulate each student and thereby maximise learning and memory retention.

Lessons are also conducted one-to-one which guarantees active learning by a student. Such interactive lessons are constantly evolving to meet the learning needs of each student and builds trust that can then be drawn upon by Mr. Jeff to address any behavioural issues which may be exhibited during a lesson and potentially limit a student’s learning success.

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In the same way, learning difficulties created through ‘Home Tuition’ and distractions found in familiar home surroundings (with the continued presence of other family members), are no longer a potentially destructive issue when learning takes place away from home in the quiet academic surroundings of Mr. Jeff’s modern, well-resourced ‘English for Everyone’ Tuition Office.

Studies have shown that stress is likely to inhibit an individual’s ability to learn new things and recall learnt material, but with Mr. Jeff’s one-to-one tuition such stress from peer pressure is eliminated.

3. Excellent Teacher-Student Communication

Clear communication is a key quality for any excellent teacher. Though academic qualifications and professional experience count, it is also necessary that the teacher knows how to communicate with the student.

Strong interpersonal skills allow the teacher to create an interactive and demanding learning environment, and generates the essential trust needed to ensure motivated and continuous learning by you as a student.

Any dedicated teacher with the bonus of genuine wit and humour is good to find, being the professional who will always give that extra effort to make a lesson exciting and enjoyable for all students.

Such professional warmth and encouragement Mr. Jeff radiates as part of every individually planned lesson, alongside his constantly interactive one-to-one teaching and personalised assessment of each student.

4. Creative and Imaginative

A teacher must be able to come up with creative teaching strategies that effectively enable their students to fully understand what is being actively explored within a specific learning activity.

An experienced teacher should also be able to structure lessons that positively draw upon an individual student’s unique personality, strengths and interests.

So, for example, instead of having traditional reading characters like ‘Janet’ and ‘John’, the creative teacher will substitute characters from a student’s favourite television show or video game. Greater student interest always

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5. Supportive Learning Environment

Learning English is more than simply understanding grammar and completing homework assignments. Every student experiences life differently, and this shapes their social-emotional identity.

At ‘English for Everyone’, Mr. Jeff is very aware of such facets to each student’s personal life, and how every lesson must be individually planned to ensure a student’s motivational self-interests are fully utilised.

By fully understanding each student’s self-identity and structuring lessons to draw upon their personal strengths, the teacher creates a positive social-emotional environment to ensure continued success in all learning.

Mr. Jeff understands how essential social-emotional bonding with students must be combined with active learning when it comes to guaranteeing student engagement and effective learning (Social and Emotional Learning and Academic Achievement in Portuguese Schools: A Bibliometric Study).

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Photos of the ‘English for Everyone’ Tuition Office [left] and access to the swimming pools [right].

So, if you desire to see your child gain great confidence and true competence in English … without struggling to keep up (or getting distracted) in group classes, or getting discouraged by soul-crushing rote learning …

… then be sure to contact Mr. Jeff today to find out how his proprietary ‘Accelerated Active Acquisition of English’ Teaching Method can transform your child’s future through their great command of English.

Business English Course for Adults in Johor Bahru:

All English classes held for adults at ‘English for Everyone’ are individually planned, one-to-one lessons designed to give excellent Business English skills for all adults.

In this way you are guaranteed to have powerful English that will impress potential employers, colleagues, clients and social friends, putting you way above all of your peers as you seize more career and business opportunities than you can ever imagine, without any embarrassing incompetence and failure.

Use of online Business English resources in lessons will cover every imaginable business situation you are likely to encounter, including ‘Handle Meetings with Confidence’, ‘Communicate with Confidence’, ‘Developing your Business Career’, ‘Effective Collaboration and Presentation’, ‘Standing Out in a Group Discussion’, and many more key business and social scenarios.

So start developing your confidence in English for your social and business success today! Get in touch with Mr. Jeff now for more information on Business English Tuition in Johor Bahru @ English for Everyone.