6 Daily Habits to Improve Spoken English

If you are going to improve your spoken English, the key is to continuously make improvements in your grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Additionally, you can engage the services of a private English tutor in Johor Bahru to help facilitate the improvement process.

The gradual process of improving spoken English is something that must be done regularly. This will help you get better at speaking the language without feeling overwhelmed.

For significant results in the shortest possible time, adopt simple habits you can easily maintain. Such habits do not have to be something that takes up all of your time or cost you a lot of money.

The following are six daily habits to help improve your spoken English:

BBC news

1. Watch or Listen to English News Channels

Even if you do not have access to English language television programmes, you can still find audio newscasts or podcasts to stream on ‘YouTube’ and other online platforms.

English News Channels are a great way to improve your spoken English for two main reasons.  First, the news is different every day so you will not become bored, and new vocabulary is always being used.  In this way your vocabulary will become enriched.

2. Learn Three New English Words Each Day

Invest in a good English dictionary, and choose at least three new words daily to memorise and use in a sentence.  Pick a convenient time to do this – preferably after dinner or just before bed.

Make notes about your new words, pronounce them aloud a few times, and correctly use each word in different sentences.  The notes will help you to keep track of the new words you have learned, and your notes will also help with quick regular revision.

a woman is reading a book and holding coffee

3. Read an English Book Aloud

Simply reading an English book is not enough.  When you read a book aloud, your accent and correct pronunciation of each word will improve, along with overall reading confidence.  If you are not sure about the pronunciation of a particular word, use a dictionary or check the word online in ‘Google’.

When you enrol in an English course for adults in Johor Bahru, some books will be recommended.  Such English books then help you to improve your spoken English.

4. Listen to English Songs and Sing Along

This can be both fun and relieve stress, whilst also helping to build correct word pronunciation skills and increase your overall confidence using English.  It does not have to be a particular type of English song, so listen to whatever music you like.

If you are new to the English language you can start with children songs, then graduate to pop and even rap music as you progress.

learn English by listeing songs
discussion with English Speaker

5. Discussion with a Native English Speaker

Whether it is a formal or casual setting, try to talk with a native English speaker every day.  You should, therefore, make friends with people who have a first language of English.

You can make friends with people in your area or meet online.  Social media platforms like ‘Facebook’ provide you with great opportunities to start new online friendships with English speaking people.

6. Learn Some Interesting Facts About English Culture

Try to become interested in things that have an English origin.  For example, this could be an English person, a film, a lifestyle, or even a game.  Then learn some facts or background information about such English cultural items.

Next, look for people with similar interests as yourself, and try to discuss the English subject matter with them.  Finding people who share your interests does not have to be difficult, as they are often found in discussion groups on social media platforms.

English culture

In a nutshell …

Are you a working adult hoping to improve your spoken English skills so that you can communicate more effectively in the workplace?  Or are you a student looking to speak English more fluently without a local accent?  

Either way, you do not have to adopt all of the suggested habits in order to improve your spoken English.  Choose two or three of these habits and engage in them daily.

Enrolling within an English communication class in Johor Bahru will guarantee improvement of your spoken English skills as well.