How To Choose The Right IELTS Tutor For You

When it comes to taking an IELTS Test, there are many methods you can use to fully prepare yourself for the test. Whilst some people prefer studying by themselves, others opt to have a consultation and eventual English lessons with a private IELTS tutor. By choosing to consult and learn English with an IELTS tutor, you will be making the best choice to guarantee success in your IELTS Test.

However, finding a perfect IELTS tutor for you is difficult to do. Not every tutor can identify your individual learning needs and then successfully plan the necessary English lessons that will expertly guide you towards a high IELTS Test score.

Outlined below are some key criteria to consider when choosing a private IELTS tutor to ensure that every English lesson you are given will effectively support your achievement of optimal success in an IELTS Test. 

1. Check the Tutor’s Teaching Experience:

Before arranging your initial consultation with an IELTS tutor, you must first review the tutor’s past teaching experience. Make sure the tutor has been trained as a teacher and has experience teaching English to adults and children. An experienced tutor must also be completely familiar with the format and content of the IELTS Test, along with having a clear understanding as to what each student must be able to do using English successfully pass the test. Ideally, your IELTS tutor should know exactly how an IELTS Test examines a student’s effective use of English, and what must be taught to ensure success in passing the test.

A suitably experienced IELTS tutor will be able to support a student’s learning of English through exploring such questions as:

  • What understanding and correct use of English grammar must every student demonstrate score at least Level 7 in their IELTS Test?
  • How can a student score Level 7 or higher in the IELTS Speaking Test through more effective use of vocabulary?
  • Which specific assessment criteria will an IELTS examiner use when marking the two IELTS Writing Test tasks?
  • What is the best way for every student to first plan an outline for each of the IELTS Writing Test tasks, and then write two texts that meet all of the assessment criteria to score at least Level 7?

When responding to these questions in a simple, clear and direct manner, an effective IELTS tutor always individually plans every English lesson to enable each student to fully understand every aspect of the IELTS Test. By constantly addressing every student’s unique learning needs in this way, a fully experienced IELTS tutor leads all of their students towards excellent achievement in their IELTS Test.

2. Find a Tutor who Understands, Speaks and Teaches British English:

Whilst having a foreign accent is acceptable within an IELTS Speaking Test, it remains essential that every student correctly pronounces each word and demonstrates appropriate grammar, punctuation, and the use of British spelling. A tutor who learnt English for their first language as a child, and then trained to become an effective teacher in United Kingdom schools, will be the very best tutor to find when you want to learn correct English and prepare for an IELTS Test. Also, ensure that a non-British national who provides you with IELTS tutoring fully understands the unique and distinctive features of how a student must learn British (as opposed to American) English. 

3. Verify the teaching degree and ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (TESOL) Credentials of your Tutor:

If an English tutor’s qualifications are proven through evidence of a teaching degree and completion of previous ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (TESOL) training, then that tutor will be fully experienced to teach and prepare any student for their IELTS Test. A highly trained and experienced British teacher will also better support you as the skilled English tutor needed to guarantee your greatest success when taking an IELTS Test. 

teaching English using tablet

4. Consider ‘face-to-face’ Classroom-based English Teaching or Online Learning:

IELTS tutoring can be offered through actual ‘face-to-face’ classroom-based interaction and less effective online teaching. Direct 1 to 1 teaching from a tutor within the positive calm of a confidence-boosting classroom environment will give you the very best way to physically access essential English resources, along with active interaction with your tutor in a planned and focused teaching environment. The online teaching of English is made available by some tutors, and this may have to be considered if a busy weekly schedule limits the time you have available for travelling to a tuition office.

You can search for an IELTS tutor who is located in your local neighbourhood, and if you happen to live in the large city of Johor Bahru, then reach out to the nearby ‘English for Everyone’ Tuition Office for a free and welcoming ‘face to face’ IELTS Test consultation.

5. Find an Excellent Tutor to meet all of your Individual Learning Needs:

In a large and busy tutoring centre, the English lessons to be given must be planned using basic educational resources that do not respond to and meet the individual learning needs and life experiences of each student. In this way, all of the lesson materials and learning activities to be used in every lesson will have already been fixed for the students and their tutors before enrolment. Such prescribed ‘one-size-fits-all’ English lessons being given by a tutor fail to guarantee the very best learning for each student and consequently limits the student’s successful acquisition of the English language.

In addition, teaching students as part of a large group undermines the whole purpose of tutoring – that of giving a truly personalised lesson, whereby the tutor always tailors the planning of each lesson to access appropriate teaching materials to suit the exact personal needs of every student through 1 to 1 learning. You must look for a tutor who will fully understand your individual learning needs through an accurate assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses, clear identification of specific learning goals, and how to attain your target IELTS Test score. This is the ‘English for Everyone’ 1 to 1 teaching process, and it guarantees your success through the learning and practises of every aspect within the English language that will be assessed in an IELTS Test.  

These are the five essential criteria you must consider when looking for an exceptional private IELTS tutor who will help you to achieve the very best result in your IELTS Test.

If you still need further advice and support in your search for an ideal tutor, then please contact us at the ‘English for Everyone’ Tuition Office in Johor Bahru. Mr. Jeff will give you a personalised consultation, followed by individually planned and constantly positive 1 to 1 English lessons that fully prepare you for every aspect of your IELTS Test. Find the success you deserve through excellent IELTS Test tuition with Mr. Jeff today!